I'm a skilled Art Director and designer specializing in gaming, AI, UI design, web design, print media, exhibitions design, events design, and brand identity design. I am proficient in forming, managing, and directing both local and remote art teams for projects of any scale. I focusĀ on AI integration, utilizing its potential to optimize workflows and enhance visual aesthetics.

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience working across various industries and markets, on different platforms and project types. I have successfully designed mobile and desktop apps as well as games for renowned companies such as Microsoft, HP, and Playtech. My diverse portfolio also includes exhibitions, conventions, amusement parks, brand identity design, illustrations, and video art creation for musicals.

These days, I work as an Art Director at Bagelcode, an international South Korean-based gaming company. In addition, I lecture in design and UI/UX conventions and provide advisory services to high-tech companies. This allows me to share my knowledge and expertise with aspiring designers while staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies.
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