2018 Interior Design for Playtech, at Azrieli Sarona Tower, Tel Aviv.
My work focused on bringing the essence of Playtech, a leader in online gaming and casino industry, into their office space. The design maintained the playful yet sophisticated visual language of Playtech's prominent games.
A Batman-themed phone booth, mirroring Batman's underground lair, complete with a custom-made Batman logo neon lamp, reflecting Playtech's famous Batman slot game.
A phone booth transformed into Superman's North Pole cave, featuring a custom-made Superman logo neon lamp, inspired by Playtech's popular Superman slot machine.
Corridor Design: Implemented a light, opaque pattern to balance light penetration and privacy.
Play Room: Adopted a freestyle design to create a relaxed, break-time atmosphere, distinct from the typical high-tech office environment.
Zen Room: A tranquil space designed for employees to unwind and practice yoga, offering a peaceful retreat.
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